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Among other things, IT news today is being focused on the growing power of Millennials, who are weaning themselves off of their own products and into the corporate world. They’re also abiding by the lyric of a Biggie Smalls song about dealing crack cocaine. However, it’s still a little early for CIOs to be as close to their internal and external customers as they’d like to be.

Millennials are weaning themselves off their own products

Millennials are weaning themselves off their own products and into other brands. In fact, they are eating smarter than previous generations. They are buying less white meat and more organic foods. They are also buying less grains and sweets. And they are exercising more. And they are smoking less.

Millennials are the last generation of Americans to be born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s. They have the largest generational share of the population. They are also the most ethnically diverse. They are on the verge of being the most educated generation in history. And they are on the verge of creating a new type of retail space.

Millennials are famous for their narcissism and entitlement. But, they also have a unique identity. Unlike the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who wanted to rebel against the mainstream, Millennials want to be part of the mainstream.

CIOs aren’t yet close enough to internal and external customers

Providing a better customer experience can be a huge driver of customer loyalty. To do this, companies need to understand their customer base better. And they need to make it easy for their staff to access and deliver that customer experience on a range of devices.

The CIO plays a big part in these efforts. And the CIO is also in the position to help companies scale their customer empathy efforts. In fact, IDC predicts that enterprises that excel at empathy will outperform the competition by 40 percent.

However, companies are not as keen to change their focus as they should be. This is because their operating models are built up over time, and companies are reluctant to make a switch.

Millennials are weaning themselves off of their own products

Millennials are weaning themselves off of their own products. In many cases, this is due to their own recession-shaped entrance into adulthood.

They are weaning themselves off of red meat, sweets, and grains. They are choosing healthy foods, such as avocado toast, which are made with ingredients that are good for the environment. Their consumption of organic foods is also on the rise.

Millennials are also becoming more cautious about making risky decisions. In addition, they are becoming more brand loyal. Gen Z, who is younger than Millennials, is also analyzing the act of consuming and will be willing to pay more for brands that make a social impact.

Another innovation Millennials brought to the table was on-demand entertainment. This innovation was made possible with smartphones. However, only about 19 percent of Millennials use their phones as the primary means of internet access.

Millennials are abiding by a Biggie Smalls lyric about dealing crack cocaine

Millennials are taking heed to a Biggie Smalls lyric that’s been making the rounds on Twitter and the like. Specifically, Biggie’s “Big Poppa” lyric from his debut album Ready to die. The song was nominated for best rap solo performance at the 1996 Grammys, and has been re-recorded several times by other artists. It also made the Billboard’s top 10 list for best hip-hop song of all time.

The song is just one of many memorable moments from The Notorious BIG’s illustrious career. The rap superstar split time between Brooklyn and Raleigh, NC. In the ’90s, Biggie’s career as a drug dealer was more lucrative than his rapping career. He was arrested in 1991 for selling “crack.” His nine-month sentence was cut short by bail.

Indian IT companies are opening bulk opportunities for fresher students and mid to senior-level posts

Despite the rapid evolution of technology, the IT sector in India is still struggling to meet the demand for skilled employees. The industry is facing an unprecedented attrition rate. As more businesses shift to digital customer outreach, companies are struggling to find the right talent. Among the top tech skills in demand are cloud software engineers, DevOps engineers, full-stack developers and UI/UX designers.

The IT sector in India has the potential to achieve $350 billion in annual revenue by 2025. However, to achieve this, it needs to invest in reskilling its workforce. The industry is also looking to hire unconventional talent, including non-IT graduates, contract hires and freelancers.

According to Harish TR, chief human resources officer at Maveric Systems, companies in the IT sector have to invest heavily in apprenticeships. He says that the industry needs to invest more in soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills.

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